About Rent-All & Sales, Inc. in Marion IL

Rent-All & Sales, Inc. is owned by Steve H. Mitchell since 1985. Steve graduated with a Masters in Construction Engineering from the University of Michigan and has over 40 years of experience in commercial construction. Three key staff, Robert, Sam and Tom, have over 58 combined years of experience at Rent-All & Sales, Inc.. Located in Marion IL on New 13 next to the Williamson County Airport, we are easy to get to and have everything to fit your equipment rental needs.

Nothing is too big or small. We carry rental equipment for the construction equipment specialists and for the homeowner. This includes everything anyone in Southern Illinois could need from a centralized location in Marion IL including these products:

Your local equipment rental store in Marion IL
Equipment Rentals serving Herrin Illinois, Carterville, Harrisburg IL, Carbondale, and Marion

Please start browsing our online catalog to find the equipment you need or just give us a call - We look forward to meeting all of your equipment sales & rentals needs in Marion IL and Southern Illinois!

Serving Marion Illinois, Carterville, Harrisburg IL, Carbondale, Herrin, and Southern Illinois with equipment rentals, services & repairs.

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